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William S. Floyd IV
Founder and Principal

Bill Floyd is the founder and principal of The Floyd-Group, a digital consulting firm supporting the financial services industry.  Bill has more than 35 years of experience as an insurance agent, registered representive, investment advisor and senior financial services executive in chief operating, chief marketing and president positions.  


His passion, throughout his career has been how to use technology to improve client acquisition and the client experience.  In his present role, he works with registered representatives, investment advisors and financial services companies to 'think outside the box' and develop new means of digital marketing, that is backed by both creative vision and hard data.  His approach is to look at existing channels, make recommendations to improve those and then share the many additional possibilities as a coordinator of services accessed by multiple vendor experts from a variety of digital firms like SalesForce, Marketo and Hubspot.  Recommendations may range from building or updating your existing website to creating a new CRM back end to support client profiling and automated work flow programs, or even adding live chat.


His ultimate goal is simple - to help you gain the digital tools you'll need to be competitive in the future, by discussing your needs, what is possible, and then teaching you how to do it.  And unlike other firms that work in this space he has 35 years of insurance, financial planning, asset management and compliance experience and doesn't need to be taught the business!


The driving force for Bill is to help you stay relevant, and one step ahead of competitors.  Your brand must have multi-channel, multi-device strategies that will keep you connected to interested prospects and your clients whenever and wherever they decide to go online. An investment of 15 minutes with Bill could be invaluable to your business.  Arrange a time to speak.

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